Women with a Purpose is changing its name to L.I.F.T. -Ladies In Fellowship Together

ladyUnited around the conviction, “Our weakness is the key God uses to unlock doors that lead to His strength,” Women with a Purpose (W.W.A.P.) (Now LIFT) embraces and celebrates the strength of womanhood.  As Christian women uniquely fitted into God’s mission in the world, we are filled with gifts of vast ability.  However, we can easily lose sight of the greatness of our womanhood.  When we focus on our struggles, insecurities, limitations, and perceived weaknesses, we robbed ourselves of critical insight of God’s purpose for our lives.  We ignore truth.  We forfeit peace.  W.W.A.P (Now LIFT). provides a biblical framework for woman to discover what lies behind womanhood’s stress and struggles.  The fellowship challenges us amidst our uniquely shared and personal circumstances as women.   We learn to see our situations from a perception focused not on the pain caused by the disparity of what is and what should be.  Instead, together we acknowledge the disparity.  Rather than allowing ourselves to be bullied by our anxieties or flaws, we determine to run towards God; that in Him, we experience the impact of His divine strength operating through us.

Our mission is to impact the lives of women; women impacting women.   We envision women everywhere experiencing the amazing truths and powerful presence of God in womanhood, until the life of every woman is transformed for the Kingdom of God.

Join us today!  Discover how to walk in the strength of God for all areas of your life.   In W.W.A.P. (Now LIFT) you will find encouragement.  You will find the Word and love of God.  More importantly, you will discover God’s strength made real for your life.

W.W.A.P. meets 1st Friday of each month at 7:30pm in the main sanctuary.

Ladies, take your power back, change how you see yourself, change the story you are telling, speak life, not death.  Take ever thought “captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus” (2 Cor. 10:5).  Together, we are more than conquers in Christ Jesus Who strengthens us.  We are “Women with a “Purpose!”


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