Share Youth Program (Young Lions)

SHARE Youth Program (Young Lions)

The Young Lions Rites of Passage Program provides a structured mentoring program utilizing a Rites of Passage Curriculum for young boys ages 9 to 15.  Young Lions seeks to address the mind set of each young man, teaching them the value of self-respect, self-discipline, commitment, non-violent problem solving, and focus. A central goal for the rites of passage is to prepare students for adulthood by developing their world view. Youth are provided concrete exercises that enable concepts to be taught as well as explored by the youth. Sessions include training in the areas of purpose, goal setting, economic and political literacy, conflict resolution, character education and career exploration to name a few. In addition, the youth collectively decide on a community service project. Youth devote time to their community service project during their sessions, while also participating in various educational, cultural and recreational trips.  Young Lions promotes appreciation for all cultures, the program centers around four key areas to help with development.

The four areas are:
– Self awareness
– Purpose
– Critical thinking
– Education