Share (Food) Program

SHARE Program

Share is a program where people get a break on their grocery bills by exchanging volunteer time for the opportunity to buy affordable food. For each package of food purchased, participants pledge 2 hours of volunteer service with us or other organizations in our community. Food packages distributed for $20 (worth up to $45) offer meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and grocery items. SHARE purchases the food from growers, brokers and packaging plants. SHARE Food is never donated, government surplus, or salvage.

Through a collaborative of volunteers, Eternal Light actively sponsors a Share distribution site in its headquarters in South Orange NJ. Monthly, Eternal Light provides grocery packages to residents in South Orange, East Orange, West Orange, Irvington, and Newark. Hundreds of boxes are donated during the holidays.

SHARE is for everyone; “If you eat, you qualify.” Everyone in the community can participate. Because it is for everyone, it can help break down barriers that divide people – barriers like race, religion, social and economic classes, gender and age. When we break down barriers, we can begin to see each other as real people, and begin to build community and neighborhoods.