Dynamic Marriage

Our mission in Dynamic Marriage is to Build Strong Marriages One Marriage at a Time.

Through Biblical principles, Dynamic Marriage Ministry, under the leadership and support of our pastor, Rev. Dr. Terry L. Richardson, seeks to help couples before, and during marriage to obtain the necessary tools to have a God-centered life and lasting relationship. We are committed to building strong marriages. Our Biblical based marriage resources and teachings make a real difference in the lives of married couples.

Dynamic Marriage ministry hosted Marriage Conferences with a God-size goal of touching the lives of 1 million couples and reach a generation of marriages. Our focus on providing marriage education, techniques, and tools that can contribute to strengthening our homes. The hearts and minds of our community are very receptive to learning more about how to build a strong marriage.

Birthed from the mission and goal of our church to have an effective and empowering ministry that impacts and transforms lives within the church, community, and throughout the world, the vision of Dynamic Marriage joins our pastor in the vision of our pastor in “Developing Disciples to Impact the World” by “Educating and Empowering Couples to Experience a Vibrant life-long Commitment to Marriage.” Healthy marriages promote healthy families; healthy families promote healthy communities; healthy communities support our ultimate interests in a healthy global village for the Kingdom of Heaven by “Making Disciples in Marriage.” Visit us at