Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to the First Baptist Church of South Orange! Hi, I am Terry Richardson, Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of South Orange. If you are interested in growing in Christ Jesus and the things of God, I invite you to join us as we seek to “Turn the ... Read more

Community Outreach at the Heart of Service

First African American Church in South Orange, NJ Celebrates Diversity, and 120 Years of Worship and Service South Orange, NJ ~ November 2015: “It’s our ability to respond to the needs of the community and being increasingly more inclusive in our worship,” proudly stated Reverend Terry Richardson, when asked what ... Read more

Women with a Purpose is changing its name to L.I.F.T. -Ladies In Fellowship Together

United around the conviction, “Our weakness is the key God uses to unlock doors that lead to His strength,” Women with a Purpose (W.W.A.P.) (Now LIFT) embraces and celebrates the strength of womanhood.  As Christian women uniquely fitted into God’s mission in the world, we are filled with gifts ... Read more

Authentic Manhood

Authentic Manhood celebrates its 17th year anniversary this year.   As a fellowship dedicated to addressing the needs and challenges of men, Authentic Manhood uses a Biblical framework to help men of all ages and stages of life understand how to work through the  challenges of manhood.  When first launched, in an effort ... Read more

Rebranding, New Logo, New Look

First Baptist of South Orange celebrates its 120th year! Many changes have occurred throughout the world since the humble beginnings of our ministry. Society has gone from horse and buggy carriages, to street cars, planes, and submarines, and of course space shuttles, wireless cell phones, flat screen TV’s, and ... Read more